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Community Solutions DUI program provides quality, professional, and confidential services for those in need of fulfilling requirements stemming from penalties surrounding driving under the influence. We are licensed by the California State Department of Alcohol & Drugs to provide DUI counseling and education programs. Our certified, experienced, and friendly staff will help you through the process of completing your program.

For over two decades, Community Solutions has conducted its court-ordered Driving Under the Influence Program. This program typically enrolls 600 participants per year in First Offender and Multiple Offender DUI programs. Ninety percent (90%) of clients rank their DUI program above satisfactory or excellent on the participant satisfaction survey.

Community Solutions Driving Under the Influence Program is mandated by Santa Clara County and licensed by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drugs to be self-supported through client fees. The DUI Program receives no General Fund Support.

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